High Quality Shellfish You Can Trust in Westport, MA

High Quality Shellfish You Can Trust in Westport, MA

Revolution Lobster Seafood Market only serves the best

At the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market, we only offer the highest quality shellfish in Massachusetts. Our shrimp are completely natural and pulled straight out of the Gulf Coast. They have no preservatives and we’ll even shell and devein them for you. They come in sizes ranging from:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Jumbo (*When Available)

Don’t risk an allergic reaction to shrimp raised in captivity and covered in preservatives. Stop by the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market in Westport, MA today and get the fresh quality everyone wants when buying shellfish.

The Revolution Lobster Seafood Market offers a full selection of high quality shellfish, including:

  • Untreated scallops
  • Wild caught shrimp
  • Softshell and hard shell clams
  • Oysters raised in Westport
  • Maine Mussels

You’ll also find all of the clamboil ingredients you need at the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market. Ask about our pre-packaged, ready to cook, Clamboils! We also Stop by today to get yours or call us for more information.