Fresh Lobsters From Domestic Waters

Fresh Lobsters From Domestic Waters

Fresh, high quality lobsters in Westport, MA

Our high quality, local lobsters are graded and sorted according to size and shell hardness. This guarantees that you get only the best quality lobster for your next meal. Most grocery stores simply label all of their lobsters the same, forcing you to pay too much for a lobster. Don’t overpay for less in Westport, MA. Come to the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market and trust that you will only get a quality lobster. We’ll walk you through our prices and explain the differences between new and hard shell lobsters. Need more information? Contact us today at 508-675-0131.

At the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market, we abide by all state and federal regulations pertaining to lobster fishing. Our traps are all equipped with:

  • Trap Tags
  • Sinking Rope
  • Ghost panels
  • Breakaway Links

Ghost panels ensure that lobsters can escape if our traps are somehow lost at sea. If you have any questions about our selection of lobsters, please contact us today. We’ll be glad to speak with you.