Wild Crab from the Shores of Massachusetts

Wild Crab from the Shores of Massachusetts

A great selection of crab in Westport, MA

Looking for the best selection of high quality crab in Westport, MA? Come to the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market today and pick out your favorite. Our wild caught crabs come directly from the local shores of Massachusetts. You won’t find a fresher selection anywhere else. Whether you want them live or precooked, you’ll find the perfect batch at Revolution Lobster Seafood Market. For information about our crabs and current selection, please contact us today at 508-675-0131. We look forward to seeing you in the market.

We offer a variety of options at the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market, including:

  • Rock crab
  • Sand crab
  • Blue crab (Call for Availability)

Call ahead and we can steam whole crabs for you! Live Crabs are priced at $2.49/lbs. We also carry fresh cooked crab claws! Contact Revolution Lobster Seafood Market at 508-675-0131 for more information.