About Revolution Lobster

Your source for fresh seafood in Westport, MA

Revolution Lobster was founded in 2008 by Tim Field and his father, Albert Field. Albert has been fishing for lobsters out of Westport, MA since the 1960s. Tim grew up fishing with his father during the summertime and weekends off from school. After graduating high school in 2003, Tim chose a career in fishing, though many family members and friends discouraged him from doing so. He spent the next few years working on draggers and scallopers out of New Bedford, MA. After saving up enough money, he purchased his first boat (complete with a lobster license and gear) in 2006.

During that time, the port of Westport was experiencing a economic downturn in fishing. A combination of a decrease in fishermen, lack of a steady supply, retirement, and recession led to the two lobster buyers in town ending their direct purchasing from lobster boats. After finishing the 2007 lobster season and receiving a few bounced checks from a lobster buyer, Tim and his father decided it was time to do something.

With the purchase of a refrigerated truck and a scale, they went into business, and in 2013 opened at a “brick and mortar” location to sell their lobsters.