Wild Caught Seafood in Westport, MA

Wild Caught Seafood in Westport, MA

Put delicious freshness on your plate

Hungry for fresh seafood tonight? Don’t want to go to a sit-down restaurant to get it? Come to the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market. Since 2008, we have provided the best wild caught seafood in the Westport, MA area. Our local catches are taken from domestic waters and guaranteed to be fresh. Whether you’re in the mood for premium lobster, wild mussels from Maine or crab caught right off the shores of Massachusetts, you’ll find outstanding quality and unmatched selection at the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market. Contact us today at 508-675-0131 for information about our current selection of seafood.

What will you find at the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market?

We pride ourselves on our outstanding selection of high quality products at the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market. We offer a variety of seafood such as:

To inquire about our seafood options, please contact us at 508-675-0131.

Quality seafood is our top priority

At the Revolution Lobster Seafood Market, we understand how important the quality of your food is. That’s why we sell products that are free from preservatives, additives and chemicals. We know that some people can have allergic reactions to the preservatives used on our fish and shellfish to extend the shelf life. We take pride in offering fresh seafood without these harmful additives that people can trust on their dinner table. For more information regarding our fresh, high quality products, contact us today. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.

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